How to add an O&K Print Router printer.

Add an O&K Print Router printer

When using O&K Print Router, you often need to have a few rule sets to redirect print jobs to printers and/or balance the print load. For example, office documents must be printed only on black-and-white laser printers, which must save a copy of each printed document in a PDF file; presentations must be printed only on color printers; and diagrams and drawings must be printed only on large-format devices. The new version of O&K Print Router, which supports an unlimited number of virtual printers, can easily solve this problem.

O&K Print Router lets you create a virtual printer for each document type and define a specific rule set for each virtual printer. For example, if you send a text-based document to a virtual printer named “Black-and-White Printing,” it will redirect the print job only to the selected black-and-white devices. Similarly, a virtual printer named “Color Printing” will handle color printers, and a virtual printer named “Drawings” will handle large-format devices.

If you install the application, a new O&K Print Router printer will be added to you system. You can rename it as you wish. O&K Print Router supports any names of its virtual printers. To create a virtual printer, install it as follows.

Having installed the virtual printer, open the O&K Print Router settings in the system tray. A dialog box will open, containing all O&K Print Router virtual printers installed in your system. Double-click a printer to open its settings, and define its print rules. Now the O&K Print Router virtual printer will redirect or speed-up the printing of documents on physical printers following its rule set.