Printing PDF on different printers.

If the PDF file contains pages of different formats (e.g. A4, A3), you can specify pages to print on paper of appropriate size. If the printer supports printing on A3 and A4 paper, all pages can be printed on the same printer with one command.

But if the document contains an A1 drawing, A4 documentation and a set of labels/ barcodes of non-standard sizes, the task becomes more complicated. You have to manually select which pages to print on a wide format plotter, documentation on an A4 printer, and labels on a barcode printer.

With the O&K Printer Router, such printing can also be done with a single command.

To do this, you need to create a custom print script:

var printersA1 = VectorOfString()
printersA1.push_back("OKI Teriostar LP-2060") //Adding a plotter for A1 pages
PrintPages(printersA1, "A1", 0, 3, 0) // will be printed all A1 pages, in 1 copy.

var printersA4 = VectorOfString()
printersA4.push_back("HP LaserJet 9000 PCL6") // Adding a printer for A4 pages
PrintPages(printersA4, "A4", 0, 1, 0) // will be printed all A4 pages, in 1 copy.

var printersQR = VectorOfString() 
printersQR.push_back("Zebra ZD410") // Adding a barcode printer for labels
PrintPages(printersQR, "51 х 92", 0, 1, 0) // labels will be printed in 1 copy

In Adobe Acrobat, select the O&K Print Router in the print dialog box.

Select the "Choose paper source by PDF page size" checkbox.

In "Page Setup", set the smallest paper size to "51 x 92".

When printing on the O&K Print Router, PDF pages of different sizes will be printed on the specified physical printers, according to the conditions in the print script.