Consumables accounting

Print control system O&K Print Watch provides a wide range of consumables accounting capabilities for printers and MFPs. Using SNMP monitoring, you can get detailed data by device model, all internal counters, current consumable status and predicted replacement date.

Supports most models of office equipment manufacturers.

Printer and MFP Summary Report:

For a summary report of all installed printers and MFPs, use the Devices section of the web interface. This report displays:

Detailed information about the printer/MFP:

Web interface, "Supplies" section. Here you can find detailed information about each printing device: Device name, model, location status, IP address, serial number.

The consumables table shows the current level, last replacement date, page count at the time of consumable replacement, and projected remaining pages with next replacement date.

The predicted replacement date and remaining pages are determined by the printer's print statistics. The more such statistics are accumulated, the more accurate the predicted data.

Consumable replacement history:

The O&K Print Watch knows how to automatically detect a consumable change. When a consumable change is detected, a record is created with the consumable name, replacement date, current page count, and consumable level difference.

All devices counters:

Use the web interface, "Device Meters" section, to get all the current printer/MFP counters. The summary report shows all available internal counters.

For example, for a color MFP, the total page count, separate counters for color and black and white pages, and the number of copies made may be displayed.

E-mail reports and notifications:

For each of the reports, you can create a scheduled e-mail report. For example, a monthly report for all printer counters for generic maintenance, a daily report for devices with consumables below a specified level.

It is also possible to create an e-mail alert if the status of the device has changed to incorrect or its consumable level has dropped below the set level.

When this event occurs, a notification letter will be sent immediately.

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