Free O&K Print Watch

O&K Print Watch Free Edition - free printer monitor and print control software.
Local and network printers monitor9.8 MbDownload

Free O&K Print Watch.

O&K Print Watch Free Edition monitor and control 1 printer.Including full version features: Precise determination of the number of pages and copies printed, viewing printed documents as images, consumables monitoring for network printers and multifunction devices.

Compare O&K Print Watch Editions

Free versionFull version
Number of printers1Unlimited
DatabaseSQLite onlySQLite, MS SQL Server
Viewing printed documents as images. Save to PDF.YesYes
Consumables monitoring for SNMP-compatible printers and multifunction devices.YesYes
Web interface for report viewing.YesYes
Setting the printing cost individually for each printer.YesYes
Deny or pause printing for any user.YesYes
Support for local and Active Directory users or user groups.YesYes
Print queue management.YesYes
Exporting reports to HTML or XML.YesYes
Assignment of printing quotas and limits.NoYes
Limit print jobs with certain keywords in the document name.NoYes
Denying color printing.NoYes
Allowing two-sided (Duplex) printing only.NoYes
Sending reports by email.NoYes
Reports and e-mail notifications for low level printers toners, inks and other supplies.NoYes
Collection of printing statistics by projects.NoYes
Password protection of a printer.NoYes
Support for print clusters.NoYes