Linux Print Accounting and Control

O&K Print Watch Linux

The Print Monitoring Program for Linux provides comprehensive management and monitoring of printing processes on computers running operating systems based on Debian and Red Hat / CentOS
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The main features of the program include monitoring printing in CUPS and raw print queues. Detailed statistics allows you to get information about users, devices and computers associated with the printing process.

You will be able to see how many pages were printed by each user, which printers were used and on which computers the print jobs were sent.

An important feature of our program is the ability to save copies of printed documents in PDF format.

This provides convenience and security as you will be able to save electronic copies of all printed documents for later use or analysis.

The web interface is used for convenient management and viewing statistics. You can administer printing locally or remotely and view printing statistics in your browser.

This allows you to easily configure printers, manage print queues, View detailed information about printed documents and monitor the printing process from anywhere, anytime.

Support for working with SQLite and PostgreSQL databases. This allows you to save statistics and user settings in a structured form, which provides ease of management and the ability to analyze data.

The PostgreSQL database server can be used simultaneously by the Linux and Windows versions of O&K Print Watch.

Monitor consumable levels for network devices. Track and save consumables replacement history. Supports most printer and MFP manufacturers.

Database synchronization for remote offices and branches. This allows centralized storage and analysis of all printing statistics.

O&K Print Watch Linux provides a powerful and flexible tool for monitoring and managing printing, providing detailed statistics and a user-friendly web interface for efficient administration and monitoring of printing in your organization.