Printing control and monitoring case studies.

User scripts for O&K Print Router

How to create custom user scripts to redirect printing and balancing load between multiple printers.

Features of the Authentication Client

Print quota notifications. Password-protected printing. Viewing a user’s printing history.

Printing quotas and permissions.

How to limit printing. Forbid color and wide-papers printing. Printer's quotas by pages and cost.

Saving and viewing images of printed documents.

How to capture and analyze printed documents content. View printed job image.

O&K Print Watch — print control, print audit, and reduction of printing costs.

O&K Print Watch is an all-in-one print monitor, and it also lets you set quotas on certain printing parameters. Supports all kinds of printers and multi-function devices.

How to get notifications about each document printed.

E-mail notifications about each printed job.

How to change a database in O&K Print Watch

How to change your database while keeping all settings and printing statistics.

How to add an O&K Print Router printer.

How to create several rules sets for different printers. Install an additional virtual printer in O&K Print Router.

Remote Control of Printer Supplies

Setting up Low Printer Supply Alerts.

Fast and efficient printing on multiple printers.

Speed-up printing and distribute load among several printers with O&K Printer Router.

How to manage printers via a web browser

Remote access to printed jobs history from any web-browser. How to use O&K Print Watch Web-server.

Deployment of O&K Print Watch in a local network.

What if there are several print servers and personal computers with local printers (for example, connected via USB) in your network? If this is the case, install O&K Print Watch Service on each such computer.

Monitoring Your Printer Activities Can Save You Money.

It is not a secret that printer manufacturers make money on cartridges and not on printers. You buy a new reasonably priced inkjet or laser printer with a "starter set" of cartridges that only allows you to print a few dozen pages before getting depleted.

Print Audit Made Easy

What's the true cost of printing in your organization? Who prints the most pages, and what exactly do they print?