How to change a database in O&K Print Watch

To keep printing history for all printers, O&K Print Watch uses an SQLite or MS SQL Server database. SQLite is ideally suited for a home network or a small office network. In this case, there is no need to install the .Net Framework (required by MS SQL Server), or any other additional components. However, if you have many users and many printers, it is advisable to use MS SQL Server, which can handle a higher load than SQLite. Besides, SQLite supports only local connections. If you have more than one print server in your network, it is very convenient to keep all printing statistics in one database. In this case, you need to use MS SQL Server.

To change your database while keeping all settings and printing statistics, do the following.

If the OldConnectionString variable exists, the O&K Print Watch Service will copy all data and settings from the old database to the new one. It may take some time if your old database contains data about many print jobs.