How to get notifications about each document printed.

How to get notifications about each document printed.

O&K Print Watch is a printing control and printer monitoring solution that can keep track of each print job on your printers. In addition to the analysis of usage statistics for all printing devices, you can configure instant notifications about each newly executed print job. This way, if you need to find a specific document, you won’t have to check the entire print queue on the printer. Just configure e-mail notifications, and you will be automatically notified about all documents in the print queue that meet your criteria.

Configure e-mail notifications via the O&K Print Watch web server:

Now specify the notification about a document printed: As soon as any document is printed, the recipient will get an e-mail message containing detailed information on the document’s owner, the number of pages, the document’s name, print mode, paper size, and printing cost.

The notification that you have just created will be triggered by each executed print job. To define more specific selection criteria, you need to add one or more document parameters to the Report URL: /job?param1=X&param2=Y. You can use the following document parameters:

Printer_id, user_id, group_id – Identifiers of objects in the O&K Print Watch database. You can get these values from the tables Printers, Users, and Groups of the PRNWATCH database on your MS SQL Server. [br] Examples: