Print Audit Made Easy.

What's the true cost of printing in your organization? Who prints the most pages, and what exactly do they print? Keep track of network printing in your organization, and keep electronic copies of every single page completely automatically!

Figure out the true cost of printing in your organization! If you only have one printer, the total cost of ownership may be unimportant considering the low cost of hardware supplies. If you are managing a handful of color and monochrome printers and plenty of users, the cost of printing suddenly becomes more than just noticeable. Implementing a printing tracking solution to audit print jobs may result in substantial savings for your organization.

Until recently, the true cost of printing has been extremely difficult to figure. A simple cost calculation of hardware and supplies may show the general picture, but the devil is in the details.

Are color printers used for black-and-white jobs? You're wasting expensive toners or ink, and could reduce the cost of printing up to 50% by redirecting printing jobs that do not require color to monochrome printers. Do your employees only print what they absolutely must? Many printing jobs are deemed unnecessary when reviewed by a manager. Eliminating redundant, unnecessary and personal printing can significantly lower your printing expenses.

In order to figure the true cost of printing, a proper network printer monitor is required. O&K Print Watch detects and logs the exact number of pages printed on every printing device on your network combined with the complete properties of each job, and allows easy access to the resulting statistics via your Web browser.

Realize the savings! By optimizing the printing processes in your company, you can save up to 25% on network printing alone. It is easy to optimize the printing processes with O&K Print Watch by simply imposing printing quotas and restrictions that are specific to every device. It is no secret that color printing costs substantially more than monochrome. A simple rule that restricts the use of color printers in favor of black-and-white devices will result in immediate massive savings.

Electronic work flow gains popularity for a reason. It's so quick and easy to look up for an electronic version of a document as compared to searching for a printed copy that more and more companies are switching to electronic work flow. Even if you are not ready to get rid of paper copies just yet, start enjoying the benefits of electronic work flow by making electronic copies of every page printed.

Keep electronic copies of all printed documents for easy reference! O&K Print Watch intercepts every printing job and saves an electronic copy of a document in the database. You can switch to a full electronic work flow and get rid of paper documents gradually, without disrupting the familiar work flow.