Saving and viewing images of printed documents

Many governmental organizations and commercial companies traditionally suffer from their employees’ wasting office supplies, carelessly using company equipment, and doing personal business on work time. Big companies usually suffer from this issue more than smaller ones, because the larger is the company and the more people it employs, the higher is the price of employee negligence and lack of corporate culture.

Best management practices show that you should strictly control your employees’ time and activities, as well as monitor the use of corporate resources, both to save money and to instill corporate discipline. Nowadays, comprehensive solutions are available to tackle these issues, thanks to the state-of-the-art software like O&K Print Watch, which enables you to fully control any printing equipment in your company.

O&K Print Watch is a feature-rich application that can keep track of all documents printed in your company. Thanks to it, your system administrator or other person in charge won’t have to personally control the use of printers, plotters, or multi-function devices. O&K Print Watch constantly monitors each printer in manual or automatic mode, and provides detailed statistics on each document sent to print for the persons in charge. Moreover, the administrators can check anytime what exactly was printed by any employee.

O&K Print Watch is a powerful all-in-one corporate monitoring solution, yet it is extremely easy to use. Unlike other software tools, it doesn’t have to be installed on each workstation in your company network, you only need to install it on your company server. This way, O&K Print Watch can save you a lot of precious time and efforts. It also means that your monitoring activity will be completely independent from the operating systems on the workstations.

Let’s take a look at a typical use case of O&K Print Watch. The system administrator, who was away from the office, remotely accessed O&K Print Watch via its web interface and immediately noticed a suspicious document named “Untitled.txt” and consisting of 100 pages among other documents sent to print. To check the content of the document, the administrator opened its printer copy. (This copy, saved by O&K Print Watch as a PDF or raster image file, allows the administrators to view each printed document’s content. O&K Print Watch can also identify the document owner, as well as the computer from which the document was sent to print.) Having decided that the suspicious document has nothing to do with company activities, the administrator remotely blocked its printing. In this case, O&K Print Watch saved the company 100 paper sheets and a bit of expensive toner, as well as identified the violator of labor discipline. It should be noted that the administrator did everything remotely and spent very little time on handling the issue.

O&K Print Watch can be especially valuable for photo studios and businesses specializing on document printing. Typically, printing consumables are a major expense item for such companies, and a few employees using company resources for their personal purposes may result in considerable additional expenses for the employer. By using O&K Print Watch, the owner or administrator of the photo studio can easily keep tabs on all documents sent to print (by remotely checking document content, if necessary) and prevent unauthorized use of expensive consumables.

In addition to being feature rich and easy to use, O&K Print Watch is remarkable for its full compatibility with all popular inkjet and laser printers (PostScript or PCL), plotters, and multi-function devices. It supports all major printer drivers, including PCL 5/XL, ESC/PAGE, ESC/P, FX, ZjStream, and CPCA, BJL Commands and BJ Raster Image Commands, and many models of GDI printers. Another distinguishing characteristic of this tool is its total lack of interaction with printing applications on workstations: It intercepts data on the server level. Moreover, O&K Print Watch has a very small system footprint for such a powerful tool. The application itself occupies only about 100 megabytes on the hard disk (please allocate more disk space for logs and printed document images).

O&K Print Watch is a great piece of software, and a very cost-effective one, too. Its nominal price is only $50 USD per printer. If used intensively, it can pay for itself in a couple of months by saving you a considerable amount of printing consumables and reducing the wear and tear of your printing equipment. If you want to check out all stated features and abilities of O&K Print Watch, download the 30-day free trial version from its official website.