O&K Work Spy

O&K Work Spy - Tool for collecting the exact statistics of what the user does in real time.
  • How to evaluate what your employees spend their office hours on?

  • How effectively do they use this time?

  • What do they spend most of it on?

The O&K Work Spy program is used to answer these and other questions. This program is not another example from the endless list of key loggers and spy modules. It neither saves your key strokes nor makes secret screenshots - nothing like that. O&K Work Spy does another thing – it collects the detailed statistics of what the user does on the computer. At the same time, the small and compact client module has absolutely no influence on the performance of other applications, it influences only the efficiency of your employees by increasing their motivation. This program makes it very easy to make sure that an employee has a lot of work or that he or she spends half the day on playing solitaire or surfing the Net. The features of O&K Work Spy, its easy configuration and deployment in your local area network make this product an indispensable assistant for any boss.

How to use O&K WorkSpy?

The program consists of three components:

  • Work Spy Service - receives statistics from the client module and saves it to the database, it can be installed on one computer of your local area network. The Control Program accesses Work Spy Service in order to get the statistics saved to the database.

  • Work Spy Client - is a small client part that must be installed on each computer of the employee whose comparative statistics you want to collect.

  • Work Spy Control Program - is the control program. This component is used to get and analyze the statistics of how your employees work, it can be installed on any computer of your network.
  • Log into the system under the administrator account and close all running programs.
  • Run the installation program and follow the instructions. For example, you can install Work Spy Service and Work Spy Control Program on one computer.
  • Work Spy Client must be installed on all computers of the user whose work you want to control uses. While installing the client part, you should enter the name of the computer where Work Spy Service is installed. You need it to send and save the collected statistics of what the user does on the computer to the database. You should specify the name of the LAN computer where you have already installed Work Spy Service.

IMPORTANT:You should install the client component of the program Work Spy Client on every user's computer to be able to collect statistics. No statistics will be collected if this component is not installed.

After you install all components of the program, run Work Spy Control Program (wsviewer.exe) to view user statistics. The program will automatically connect to Work Spy Server. If you did not specify the name of the computer where the server part of the program is installed during installation or if the location of Work Spy Server has been changed, you can specify the name of the computer using the Tools->Options->General->Server menu item. You will get the detailed statistics of what your employees do after the connection is established.