Download Printer management and monitor software.

O&K Print Watch - Printer monitor and print quota software.
Server and Control Program9 MbDownload
Authentication Client292 KbDownload
What the Authentication Client is for?
O&K Printer Viewer Pro 2.8.3 - PCL, Postscript, HP-GL/2, ZIMF, EMF printed documents viewer.
Printed documents viewer5 MbDownload
O&K Print Router 3.00 - Redirect print jobs to any number of printers. Save each printed documents copy as PDF.
Print router2 MbDownload
Prio - Priority Saver 2.00 - program allows you to save the priority you specify for any process.
prio.exe 221 KbDownload
prio_x64.exe 64-bit version542 KbDownload