O&K Print Watch Linux – System Requirements

Требования к принт серверу

Operation System

Linux kernel version 3.10 and higher.

glibc version 2.18 O&K Print Watch Linux




Жесткий диск

100 MB and more, additional space for logs and printed jobs images.


Any printer supporting the following drivers: PCL (version 3, 4, 5, 5E, 5C, 6(XL), HP-GL/2, POSTSCRIPT (level 2 and 3), ESC/Page, ESC/P(with Remote Mode Commands), ESC/P2, 9-Pin ESC/P, FX, Zj-Stream, CPCA, BJL, ZIMF.

База данных

SQLite, PostgreSQL 13 and higher.

When using PostgreSQL with more than 100 clients, it is recommended to use a connection balancer such as pgBouncer.