How to notify user about a printing quota action.

If you have set printing quotas, a document sent to print will not be printed if its owner has exceeded his or her quota. Use O&K Print Watch’s e-mail notifications to inform users each time when a document printing is disallowed.

You can configure e-mail notifications via the O&K Print Watch web server:

Create a new e-mail notification about exceeding the printing quota:

Now each time a document printing is disallowed, a notification will be e-mailed to the administrator and/or to the document owner.

IMPORTANT: If you want to send “printing quota exceeded” notifications, you need to specify an e-mail address for the document owner. You can do it manually via Control Program: Right-click the selected user -> Properties -> E-mail. Or you can do it automatically if you use synchronization of Active Directory users, provided that an e-mail address has been specified for the user in your domain’s Active Directory.