Installing O&K Print Watch Service by using the MSI package.

To control and monitor printing on computers with local printers, you need to install O&K Print Watch Service on each computer. If there are many such computers in your local network, you can use the MSI package to deploy O&K Print Watch Service more quickly.

PrnWatch.msi4.2 MBDownload

The package installs O&K Print Watch Service only, without Control Program.

You can use the following optional parameters:

Please note that the parameter name is case sensitive.

Use case:

You have a dedicated print server and a number of local printers connected to users’ computers in your network.
On the print server, you install the complete set of O&K Print Watch and create an MS SQL Server database for printing statistics.

When the installation is complete, you can view the database connection string in Control Program. To do it, click “Settings” -> “Database” in the main menu. For example, the connection string may be Provider=SQLOLEDB;MySQLServer;Password=mypassword;User ID=myuser;Initial Catalog=PRNWATCH.

Then you can specify the database connection string when installing O&K Print Watch Service on users’ computers: msiexec /i /qn PrnWatch.msi AGREETOLICENSE="yes" CONNECTIONSTRING="Provider=SQLOLEDB;MySQLServer;Password=mypassword;User ID=myuser;Initial Catalog=PRNWATCH"

If you use these installation parameters, each O&K Print Watch instance on a computer with a local printer will be using the same centralized MS SQL Server database.