O&K Print Watch hangs on startup

If the O&K Print Watch Control Program hangs on startup or does not display the printer's print history, you should check the status from the database connection.

This can be done using the WEB-interface http://print-server-name:8989, menu "Settings" - "Database".
Web-interface sample

If the connection is established, the status will indicate OK and show general information about the database.

If the status shows a connection error, you should check the database connection parameters:


MS SQL Server and PostgreSQL:

If there is no connection to the database, try reinstalling O&K Print Watch on the print server.
By default, you will be prompted to use the existing database connection settings.
Instead, you must explicitly specify the type of database used.

If the connection to the database could not be restored, please contact technical support. They will definitely help you.

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