O&K Print Watch – Cost of Printing

O&K Print Watch lets you specify a different cost of printing for each printer and for each paper size. To access cost settings, select and right-click a printer in the tree on the left side, and select Properties → Cost in the context menu.

The total cost of document printed will be calculated based on the page cost specified via the Base page cost field.

If a printer supports color or two-side printing, you can specify the respective cost increase/decrease factors for Monochrome or Duplex printing.

Different paper sizes are combined in Groups. For each group, you can specify a cost increase/decrease factor. There are a few inherent paper groups: LARGE, VERY LARGE, and EXTRA LARGE.

An example of printing cost for a printer:

Suppose, you have a color printer that supports color and duplex printing, with the paper sizes A2, A3, or A4.

Use the Add, Edit, and Remove buttons to manage groups.

Use the Paper size button to view and manage paper size groups.

A paper size may have a Base cost per page, or belong to a group. You can include any paper size in any group.

IMPORTANT: Paper size names and groups are common for all printers. Base page cost, printing mode discounts, and paper group discounts can be specific for each printer.

Set a cost for multiple printers:

To set the same cost for multiple printers, use the Printer - Charging.

In the table of installed printers, highlight the printers for which you want to set the same cost per printed page. Edit button brings up a print cost editing dialog.

To search and filter by printer name, model name or description, use the Filter field.