O&K Print Watch – Remote Database Synchronization

If your company has any remote offices, you may want to manage their printing statistics from your central office. O&K Print Watch can receive data from remote print servers via HTTP. If the data lines between the central office and remote offices have insufficient capacity, this solution might be better than using only one central MS SQL Server. That’s because a loss of connection between a remote office and the central office can result in a loss of printing history data. But if you use HTTP synchronization between O&K Print Watch servers, no data will be lost: The data is saved in the local database of the remote office so that, when a connection is restored, it can be sent to the central SQL Server.

You can set up synchronization via O&K Print Watch’s web interface:

IMPORTANT: To access O&K Print Watch Web Server settings, you must log in as an administrator of the print server you are accessing.

Enter the remote server’s name and IP address in the Add remote server for polling: field. If the remote server uses the standard port 8989, you don’t have to specify it; otherwise, enter the port number. You can also set the remote server polling interval and define whether to synchronize document images. After that, the main O&K Print Watch server will be automatically polling remote servers and saving their statistics in the central MS SQL Server database. This way, the statistics and printing histories of all your remote offices will be available in one database for centralized analysis.