Report distribution system

For any O&K Print Watch report, you can set up automatic e-mailing.

To create a new mailing it is necessary to open the web interface of the program, for example, http://PRINT_SERVER_NAME:8989 in the browser and select the "Reports" item in the left tree.

In the window that appears, select the "Settings" menu. During the initial setup it is necessary to specify the address and credentials of the SMTP server to be used for the mailing "Settings - SMTP Server":

Sending reports using an SSL/TLS SMTP server is supported. The server protocol is defined automatically. To specify the server port explicitly, add the port number to the server address. For example

You can also change the time reports are sent, by default they are sent at midnight.

Change the sender address, by default

To create a new report distribution, select "Settings - E-mail reports":

The table shows existing reports, to create a new one, select "Add". This will open the report setup wizard.

On the first step, select the type of report:

In the second step, fill in the necessary parameters, depending on the selected report:

In the third step, specify the recipient's e-mail and the periodicity of the mailing:

Click "Finish" and the next time O&K Print Watch sent reports, the new report will be sent.