Monitoring network printers without using a print server.

For network devices that are not connected to the print server with O&K Print Watch, consumables can be monitored using SNMP and HTTP protocols.

Network printers and MFPs can be added via the O&K Print Watch web interface.
In your browser open the address http://PRINT_SERVER_NAME:8989 and click on Hardware Data item in the left menu.

In the browser window select General - Hardware:

This window shows the devices for which consumables and page counters are tracked using SNMP/HTTP protocols.

By default, those network printers that are installed on the print server are added here. Use the «+» button to add a new network device.

A network printer/MFP can be added by its IP address or network name. You can use a csv file to add a large number of devices. In which the network addresses are listed via ";"

Detailed user and document printing statistics are not available for network printers that do not have a print server. To obtain this data, you must install a network printer on the printer server with O&K Print Watch or install O&K Print Watch on each user's PC.

Consumables information:

Name of the consumable, current level, date of last replacement, page counter on the date of replacement, planned replacement date, remaining number of pages until the replacement of the consumable.

Consumables replacement history:

Consumable name, date of replacement, page counter on the date of replacement, flow level after replacement, previous flow level.

Device counters:

The network printer shows all its available page counters. If the product is a color one, separate counters for color and B&W printing may be available.

For MFPs, a page counter for copied sheets divided into color and B&W can also be available.